2 Executive Habits to Increase Leadership

2 Executive Habits to Increase Leadership

November 19, 2018

These 2 habits are the most important you can practice as an executive team. By doing these regularly, you will provide direction, organization, and motivation to your teams. You will also help your managers and supervisors step up and become better leaders themselves.

Executive Alignment

The #1 habit of executive leadership is for executives to be on the same page with each other at the beginning of each month regarding the top 7-10 executive projects to accomplish in the next 3-6 months. This “Top Projects” document should be limited to 1 page and reviewed each month with the managers to assign quarterbacks to each project, and check for status. Staying on the same page like this is foundational.

Listen to Front-liners

The #2 habit of executive leadership is for executives to visit their front-liners, listen to them, understand their work, their challenges and their obstacles. This can be done once every quarter, and afterwards, you would get with the managers, and together make the improvements. You will see team morale and productivity shoot up. Larry O’Donnell, COO of Waste Management, showed how he did it in the powerful 1st episode of “Undercover Bosses“. You don’t have to do it in secret. Be you. Go talk with them. In time you will only need to do this every 6 months. Watch here the 5-min overview of how O’Donnell did it, or see the whole episode on Netflix, season 1, episode 1. This is a game-changer.