6 Steps to Prepare to Add a Salesperson

6 Steps to Prepare to Add a Salesperson

October 11, 2018


Today we are going to talk about a problem that happens to every business. The owner and everyone is working, busy, and we realize that we are going to need sales. We hire a salesperson and after 15-20 days,  we realize the new hire will not work. We hire another salesperson and the same thing happens. After 5-6 months the company has not been able to find a salesperson that works and can be successful.

There are 6 things that owners or managers have to do first so that new salespeople have more success.

  1. You must be the expert and the example in

    • Making sales

    • Having results

  2. You have to produce traffic

    • You have to produce more opportunities for the new seller to help you

    • If you do not have traffic and you tell the seller to go and look, it will be much more difficult

  3. You have to have a routine

    • Do not leave it by chance or when you can get to it

    • The best days for sales

    • The best hours to make calls

    • Use the lunch hour

    • Make 2-3 meetings in the afternoon

    • The last 45 minutes of the day

    • Friday: sales meetings, preparation, make calls and send emails

  4. You have to have literature

    • Knowledge and definition of the product

    • Internal forms

  5. Make sales with the salesperson for 30 days

    • Introduce your seller

    • Help him to master these disciplines

    • Do not disconnect very fast

The best way to help a new salesperson is to have something in sales that is working and show them how to do it when they arrive. If you want them to resuscitate everything, it will not be easy. It is almost impossible. You as the owner and manager have to be the one to resuscitate the sales and then you can teach others how it is done.