The 3 Ways We Can Help You


Our consulting services are based on teaching our clients how to successfully implement The Alignment Model. In this model we show them how to align the leadership team and supervisors, and how to help their staff perform consistently by staying on the same page and resolving problems together. The outcome is that the executives can get “out of the weeds” and the managers become more proactive in leading the business as a unified team.


The Leadership & Growth Institute is where we help clients with live training, programs and workshops, to learn the skills of The Alignment Model and how to improve their leadership and management impact. This training is offered in 1-2 day sessions, in 6-12 week mastery programs or half-day bootcamps. We also train clients in private group sessions where we tailor the training just for them, and host it at either our site or theirs.


Winning in the Workplace is our online training portal, where anyone can access our entire program. All our courses and training are available in 5-15 minute video modules, podcasts, and downloadable documents and tools. Subscriptions are available for individuals or for entire teams. You can also purchase modules at-will without having to subscribe.

Ideas Trump Hierarchy

We train your teams how to listen better to each other and foster great collaboration so that ideas can flourish, problems are resolved and everyone implements as a team. 

Our Approach

Our process has been successful across multiple industries and company sizes. We plan solutions and gauge our progress weekly and monthly. We do not hope for results – It works.

“The team comes in. listens to what we need, gets to know our people, and…helps us improve.” Gordy Rush, Guaranty Media

Our Book

Here is the book so many of our clients have been requesting. “Alignment & Engagement” is a practical, step-by-step guide on how to apply The Alignment Model. It is intended for executives, middle managers and supervisors to read together and apply the skills, tools and strategies as a team. Powerful. Easy to Read.

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How We Help Re-Kindle Engagement and Productivity

Businesses throughout the U.S. face a common problem that threatens productivity, erodes profits and chips away at retention. That problem is employee disengagement, and companies are drowning in it. Learn more about how Team Real World can help you overcome these problems.

Meet Our Team

Maurice Velasquez

Sr. Consultant & Sr. Facilitator, Team Real World

As founder and president of TRW, Maurice is a proven leader with extensive expertise in client relationships, a disciplined focus on aligning teams and a track record for helping clients communicate and execute effectively. He works with executive teams to design their unique program and facilitates the collaboration with middle managers to lead their companies […]

Leah Velasquez

Jr. Consultant & Director of Operations, Team Real World

Leah works closely with all TRW clients to provide customer service and client relations. Her specialty and focus is in grant writing and funding through the LA Workforce Commission Incumbent Training Program (IWTP) and the Small Business Employment Training program (SBET). She also oversees all TRW event coordination, training workshop hosting and training evaluations. Prior […]

Jenn Radau

Associate Consultant & HR Generalist, Team Real World

As the scheduler and executive assistant, Jenn Radau is dedicated to providing tailored back office and administrative support for TRW clients. From organizing meetings and workflow charts to creating custom client deliverables, Jenn helps move projects through to completion. She is the frontline customer service specialist, as the company’s operator, and she also administers the […]

Kelsye Bethel

Graphic Designer, Team Real World

Kelsye specializes in making Team Real World’s print and digital media effectively beautiful. She brings experience and expertise to the table with her strong background in branding, print design and client relations.

Nathan Velasquez

Videographer, Foxtale Productions

Paige Bedore

Editorial & Digital Content Specialist, Team Real World

As Team Real World’s Editorial & Digital Content Specialist, Paige Bedore works closely with each member of the Team Real World staff to develop the content which reaches each our clients. Her daily work ranges from overseeing social media posting to writing company literature. Her degree in Creative Writing from Louisiana State University allows her […]


Guard Dog

Shiloh is our company’s one-eyed guard dog.    

So how can we help you get there?

Our approach is tailored to your needs and focused on results and consistency. We meet with you to identify your specific challenges and goals and we begin with a short pilot to ensure we are good fit. We then tailor a custom program of both consulting and team development to meet your goals in the budget and timeline agreed. We roll up our sleeves to help your team implement the program, and we align with you regularly to review progress, and make adjustments and stay on track.

Get started with a no-risk meeting to identify needs and challenges.