1-Day Management Excellence Boot Camp

Are you frustrated your teams aren't on the same page? Attend our Management Excellence Boot Camp.


Maurice Velasquez
Sr. Consultant & Sr. Facilitator, Team Real World
Gordy Rush
General Manager, Guaranty Media


August 24, 2017 - 8:00 am


August 24, 2017 - 4:30 pm


11935 Market Place Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70816   View map
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Key Things We Will Cover

  • How managers can understand executives and align with them better
  • How to get more organized as a management team and collaborate better across departments
  • Why executives are cautious to attend meetings
  • How to engage the staff more and contribute better to fixing problems
  • How to get more feedback from staff and not gossip so much

Workshop Topics

The problems in the workplace: little to no teamwork

  • We meet a lot but we don’t have good meetings
  • We are not able to make good decisions as a team
  • No real chance to give feedback and there’s little buy-in on decisions
  • Leaders tend to delegate and micromanage
  • Everyone seems to talk around each other and create confusion
  • Problems are not resolved and staff gets discouraged

How Alignment Works

  • Move away from saying, “you all get along and get back to work”
  • Everyone stays within their lanes
  • Have real conversations that produce results
  • Communicate more often
  • Everyone gets on the same page

How to build the teamwork

  • How to work from teams and quarterbacks, instead of committees and departments
  • How to schedule only a few set meetings, and discontinue the bad meetings
  • How to foster an environment where people can collaborate
  • How to make sure things stay organized and moving forward
  • How to foster where people can disagree
  • How to protect ideas from titles, hierarchy and over-dominant approaches

Getting Started

  • Everything starts from Top Projects and Organizational Chart
  • How to get feedback from staff
  • How to game plan and collaborate across departments
  • How you can get staff to participate in solutions, fixing problems and implementing things
  • How to get more ideas approved by department managers and executives

The Tools to Make This Happen

  • How to use notes, agendas and dockets to keep everyone on the same page
  • How to build game plans and processes to help make solid improvements
  • How to use the Idea Generator to foster and protect ideas and solutions
  • How to use a weekly communique or newsletter to keep everyone aligned
  • How to use real, meaningful internal surveys to listen to staff and improve things

Are you up for this? The qualities needed in managers and leaders

  • How to make the best of your personality profile and know how to make adjustments
  • How not to take things personally, but instead realize “it is all business”
  • How to listen to the needs and problems of others
  • Realizing your role as a leader by helping and developing others
  • It’s not about you; it’s about helping your people perform better


Included in the workshop

  • Breakfast, juice, coffee, water
  • Lunch
  • Workbook and reference material

We can provide discounts:

  • Group discounts attending the same workshop
  • Group discounts for employees attending workshop on different dates
  • Group discounts for your own group training….at our site or yours








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