Businesses throughout the U.S. face a common problem that threatens productivity, erodes profits and chips away at retention. That problem is employee disengagement and companies are drowning in it.

Indeed, Gallup and top business journals report that the level of employee engagement across the country is at a dismal 30% across all industries. And disaffected employees mean that companies aren’t coming close to realizing their potential in earnings and customer satisfaction.

This low level of engagement is costing companies approximately three months of wasted time per year per employee and can be felt internally with high turn-over, low morale and low customer service.

But righting the ship on disengagement is challenging for employers, who have little time to conduct internal analyses about why engagement is off. Team Real World has developed a proprietary consulting and training program that offers businesses a menu of tailored options for addressing employee disengagement, including face-to-face consulting, follow-up training sessions and Web-based training modules.

Team Real World is unique in several ways, notably in that we offer both consulting and training. A lot of consultants don’t offer training, so you end up having someone come in and point out problems with no follow-up. The training part of it is what makes solutions stick.

We recognize that lengthy offsite sessions no longer work in the modern workplace. When Team Real World begins working with a new client, the first step is to create better alignment between executives and management teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to product delivery, customer service and organizational structure.

Once Team Real World has helped iron that out, executives and management teams can, in turn, align with front-liners to help remove any obstacles in the way of providing excellent customer service. When companies do this, they are able to work better together, replicate their systems and grow.

A key component of Team Real World’s process is empowering middle managers, who often feel the brunt of both disengaged front-liners and frustrated executives. Empowering middle managers is key. Teaching them how to work across departmental lines and how to keep the alignment consistent month after month is crucial to success. When middle managers align with each other, with executives and their staff, it is incredible how much they can accomplish.

Team Real World develops tailor-made approaches for each client. The team starts by listening to executives, managers and staff in order to discover impediments to success. Then, they develop a custom game plan intended to produce short-term results, mid-term consistency and long-term impact.

After an initial kick-off meeting and team-building event, Team Real World begins weekly reinforcement sessions. These sessions help teams improve their communication, get on the same page and implement solutions together.  Our process works because we recognize that adults learn better in short sessions, with time to put the skills they’ve learned into practice. Then, we come back one week later for reinforcement and next steps. Establishing a discipline and a routine of weekly alignment is how teams rebuild trust, listen to teach other and move things forward with new energy.

Chad Dudley, managing partner at Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers, says Team Real World’s approach has worked for his law firm. “This is not your typical consulting firm that gives you concepts and leaves the implementation up to you,” Dudley says. “Team Real World has rolled up their sleeves, helped us push projects forward and has helped train our team on leadership and management skills. They work with us every week to help us implement the game plan, learn tools and help us do it ourselves.”