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12-Week Mastery Program

A comprehensive hands-on training program designed for business owners, managers, and supervisors to lead and grow their companies and teams. 

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Developing Your Leaders.

Developing Your Growth.

The Leadership & Growth Institute is where we help clients with live training, programs and workshops, to learn the skills of The Alignment Model and how to improve their leadership and management impact. This training is offered in 1-2 day sessions, in 6-12 week mastery programs or half-day bootcamps. We also train clients in private group sessions where we tailor the training just for them, and host it at either our site or theirs.

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Public Training

These are the classes, workshop, bootcamps and programs offered to the public found in our calendar. You can participate with team members from other companies and follow the structured layout of the courses. The greatest benefit is the shared knowledge between participants, networking and hearing how others are implementing the skills.

Private Tailored Training

These are sessions in which we tailor and customize both the content and workbooks for your specific needs. We deliver these to you in private sessions either at our facility or at your company. This is the most effective approach because you learn the material as it applies to your business.

Custom Training Program

This is our most popular form of delivery because it allows you to tailor your training with any combination of public training, private training and online training. The best approach is to identify a minimum of a 6-month-program and revisit progress every month.

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