A company is only as strong as its middle managers. This includes your Director of Operations or COO.


A middle management team is what makes or breaks the workflow and alignment of teams. They are the ones that can help everyone organize and succeed. They need the tools to be successful and training to do this well. They need to know how to align teams, manage up to the executives, and foster an environment where ideas can flourish, problems can be resolved and initiatives are implemented in unison as a team across departments.

Unfortunately, middle managers do not not learn these skills in college courses or MBA programs. This 4-day program is hard-hitting, real-life, practical, and effective. It is dedicated to help those “in the middle” to become great leaders. Candidates for this training are those who are sincerely hungry to develop their leadership character, skills and techniques to lead their teams and companies to greatness.

Course Highlights

Day 1: Become Great Leaders in Management

  • Creating environment where ideas flourish
  • Aligning roles and team players
  • Listening to your teams and creating buy-in
  • …and more

Day 2: Practical Steps to Open Communication

  • Identifying roles, team leaders and delegating
  • Effective team meetings and huddles
  • Quarterbacking top projects
  • …and more

Day 3: Developing Your Teams

  • Becoming self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Managing different personalities with DiSC
  • How to have tough and professional discussions
  • …and more

Day 4: Creating & Sustaining a Thriving Team Culture

  • Creating a thriving team culture
  • Creating a great customer service environment
  • Creating a great internal customer service approach
  • …and more